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Links - Hexagon - Sage - Buffed
Links - Hexagon - Sage - Buffed
Links - Hexagon - Sage - Buffed

Links - Hexagon - Sage - Buffed

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Studs attached with Resin

Both sides of bottom link are buffed, so it doesnt matter which ear you wear it on, both sides will shine!

Size: 3 inches tall, 1.25 inch wide

Weight for the WHOLE pair: 0.37 ounces

Please divide in half for weight per ear, and see reference below for common reference weights

  • Common weights for reference:
    • US Penny: 0.08 ounces
    • US Nickel: 0.2 ounces
    • US Quarter: 0.2 ounces
    • Airpod: 0.14 ounces
    • Spoonful of Sugar: 0.15 ounces
    • Bic Pen: 0.18 to .2 ounces
    • Bic Lighter (brand new): 0.76 ounces
    • First Class Letter: 1 ounce


  • Clay is conditioned, mixed, colored, cut, shaped, and baked. Then, clay can be buffed by hand, running through multiple grits of sandpaper and buffing pads. Each piece receives a long, extra session of love and care to end with this glass-like shine. This is all clay. No resin or glosses are used to create a permanent, buffed shine.


    • Stud are baked into the clay for durability. No glues!
    • Polymer clay is extremely lightweight and is perfect for statement jewelry without dragging your ears down.
    • Artist grade polymer clay. Kneaded, mixed, colored, shaped, cut, sanded, drilled, buffed, and polished by hand.
    • Polymer clay is slightly flexible by nature. Please do not forcefully bend or it may snap and bend.
    • Stud are hypoallergenic, and all hooks and jump-rings are either gold or silver plated.


    • Treat Polymer clay jewelry like any other handmade jewelry – no pools, no showers, no bleach, no cleaning/hair products.
    • Do not leave in direct sun for long periods of time (ie, keeping them in your car)
    • may be cleaned with rubbing alcohol on a q-tip if it collects any stains.