FAQ - Techniques for Beading & Bead Care

What kind of beads do you use?

  • I only use high quality beads, with finishes that will last multiple life times. This means I avoid any dyed colors, or any metallic that will rub off quickly. 
  • I work with 3 main brands - Tohos, Miyuki Rounds, and Miyuki Delicas. Each bead brand has a drastically different price point due to perfect sizing, finishes, coatings, etc, and is reflected as such.  

How long have you been beading?

  • I have been working with beads in a lot of capacities since my childhood. I used to make a lot of strung jewelry, and taught myself bead weaving in 2011. 

What all do you need for beading?

  • A variety of options are available, but for Spitfire July, I use high quality glass beads, vintage silk thread or colored nylon thread, and beading needles. 

How do I care for my beaded jewelry?


  • Beaded jewelry is a lot stronger than it looks! Although, beads are glass so care should be taken to not crush your jewelry. 
  • I recommend always hanging your beaded earrings up on things like earring displays, hangers, ribbon, etc. You may also lay flat as well.
  • Thread has a memory. If you crumple your earrings up into a tiny ball, and leave it there, your earring will be crumpled. This is easily fixed by always hanging up or laying flat and smooth! 
  • If you have accidentally crumpled a pair of earrings, you can use the heat of your hand to smooth it back out. Gently roll the beads back and forth in your hand (horizontally while holding the earring vertically). Gently pull your hand towards the end of the fringe, and it will slowly straighten over time.