FAQ - Techniques for Clay & Clay Care

What is Polymer Clay?

  • Polymer clay is a PVC plastic, so I strive for complete zero waste.
  • Creations are meant as heirloom pieces, made with quality to last multiple life times.
  • All scraps are repurposed, even after baking. 

How do you work with Polymer Clay?

  • Clay is kneaded and conditioned by hand to become a workable, smooth texture. Then, using a special clay roller (like a pasta machine), the clay is flattened to a completely level and smooth surface. 
  • Shapes are then cut using resin-printed or 3D printed cutters, or hand cut with a blade using hand drawn templates. 
  • The raw clay is then transferred to a baking sheet and baked in a clay-only oven until cured and flexible. 
  • After baking, clay is sanded perfectly smooth by hand, using sandpaper or power tools. 
  • At this point, finishing touches are added - painting, liquid gilding, adding hooks or studs, etc. 


  • Some clay brands love to be buffed to a high shine.
  • To do this, I follow all regular clay creating steps as outlined above. After clay is baked, a series of sandpaper grits are applied by hand, running through 2-10 grits for a smooth glassy finish.
  • Then, each piece is buffed with a fluffy attachment to bring out the shine. No resin or glosses are used to create a permanent, buffed shine.
  • These items are all labeled with "Buffed" in the title

General Clay Info

  • Polymer clay is extremely lightweight and is perfect for statement jewelry without dragging your ears down.
  • Only Artist grade polymer clays are used at Spitfire July
  • Polymer clay is supposed to be flexible and bendy!
  • You may notice your earrings being more flexible after a days wear. This is from your body heat and totally normal!
  • Polymer Clay is non-toxic.

Clay Care

  • Polymer clay earrings are sturdy, but still should be treated with care. No pools, showers, bleach, cleaning or hair products, etc. 
  • Do not leave in direct sun for long periods of time (ie, keeping them in the car)
  • If you need to clean anything off your earrings, like makeup, using regular rubbing alcohol on a q tip or soft cloth.