Holiday FAQ

All items have a 1-3 day processing time unless explicitly stated otherwise in the listing

Gifting Info

  • All orders always ship WITHOUT pricing info, no matter what. 
  • There is a packing slip that will show your name & billing address inside every box. This does NOT contain any credit card, price, or total price info.
  • All earrings always come on their own earring cards and are ready for gifting. 
  • Each listing has a "gift" option to select. This will add an extra set of care and biz cards to your order for the gift receiver. 

Mailing Directly to your Giftee

  • You can input your giftees address at checkout if youd like to mail directly to them. 
  • You can leave a note at checkout as a gift message! I will print it out and include in the package
  • The entire order will be sent to the provided shipping address. I CANNOT split up your order.
    • For example, if you want to mail one pair to yourself, one pair to Susan, and one pair to Steve, you will need to place 3 seperate orders, 1 addressed to yourself, 1 to Susan, and 1 to Steve. 

Shipping Deadlines

  • These dates are recommended per USPS, and then adjusted to meet my processing times.
  • Orders placed after Friday at 1 pm, all day Saturdays, and all day Sundays will be sent on the following Monday morning, so that I can hand them to a physically present USPS employee. 
  • Date-specific delivery cannot be guaranteed. These dates follow USPS suggested guidelines. I cannot guarantee any order to arrive on time



    First Class (Also called Ground Advantage) (default at checkout)

    • US
      • Must be ordered by 11:59pm cst on December 14th.
    • Canada
      • Must be ordered by 11:59pm cst on December 5th
    • Europe
      • Must be ordered by 11:59 pm on December 5th
    • Other International
      • Must be ordered by 11:59pm cst on December 4th
    • Military Mail
      • Not guaranteed by USPS

    Priority Mail (optional upgrade available at checkout)

    • US (contiguous 48)
      • Must be ordered by 11:59pm cst on December 17th.
    • Hawaii & Alaska
      • Must be ordered by 11:59pm cst on December 15th


    Any orders cannot be guaranteed a date specific delivery. Once the packages leave my hands, I have the same tracking info you do. USPS has been great lately, but delays can happen once out of my hands.